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New verse by you.

"The Verse" series was a monthly video project I undertook from 2015 to 2017. In this series, I primarily documented the little things in life through an observational documentary style. Perhaps because my life at the time wasn't particularly vibrant or exciting, lacking changes, I paid closer attention to observing the minutiae around me. I hoped that these fragments of life could be woven into a new verse narrative.


During that period, I was extremely introverted and shy, hence you'll notice a lot of nature shots rather than human beings. Creating these videos was a therapeutic process for me, a journey of healing and self-discovery. Consequently, as you progress through the latter part of the "Verse" series, you'll find more and more human faces appearing, expanding beyond solitary natural images.


These videos are my poetic reflections of life, capturing moments with family, friends, and my proud journey of growth.


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What is the new verse?

Want to watch the original verse?

Yes! You can still watch every verse on my YouTube and Bilibili channel.

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