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Meet Ruby

"I believe, there's no absolute right or wrong."
Story shared by Ruby

About Ruby

"I believe, there is no absolute right or wrong, when something bad came up, I'll just cry out all the desperation, and move on." This is what Ruby truly believing in. It made her stronger and happier. Ruby is a freelance writer now, and her enthusiasm for this world makes her always thirsty for exploring and always on the road.

About this film

The short story tells Ruby and her personal life experience, and how she overcome those difficulties and grief.  As a disabled person can also live proud and confident.


Ahy and Ruby took one week of shooting and editing. All interior sets are from Ruby's apartment.

Every footage are from Ruby's living life. It has no performance.



What's going on after this film?

If you are wondering what's going on after this film then? We got your answer......and with a new film!

Ruby sold her furniture and started to travel in Asia alone from July 2016 to March 2017. From Chengdu to Tibet, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia…

​The next stage is Egypt.

Shot on Ruby's phone.

Meet Ruby's life in 2016.

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